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Liliom was 4 years old when she started the Creative Academy. She was incredibly shy and had not spent anytime away from me, and didn’t want to start school. By the end of the first week she was so in love with Ilima Morris and enjoyed the activities so much that she would ask to go to school everyday. By the end of the program she was confident young lady, performing for us at home all that she learned at school. She would sing, dance and show off her new gymnastics skills. She learned how to do cartwheels, back bend kick overs, started learning the basics on the aerial silks. She also excelled academically. We are a bilingual family ans spoke mostly Hungarian at home and when she started the program she was just beginning to learn to communicate in English. By the end of the school year she was interacting easily with other kids, as her language skills had improved dramatically. It was truly a joy to see her go through such a profound transformation in every way. This was only possible because of the safe, loving, nurturing, fun and exciting environment that Ilima created. We feel so blessed that Liliom had the opportunity to attend this incredibly dynamic program with one of the best teachers of all time.

     - Reka & Joltz S.


“My daughter started Ilima’s program when she was 2.5 and it was her first experience being away from family for a few hours a day. She felt safe and loved by her immediately and continued her program for 3 years. I was very impressed by the positive environment and joyful atmosphere that Ilima sustained throughout every activity. There was a great focus in the curriculum on caring for the earth and respecting each other. My daughter learned how to communicate with kindness through social experiences, puppet shows, etc. with Ilima’s gentle guidance. She also learned how to have confidence in her body and how to be proficient in tumbling and dance. She learned a lot about creativity and confidence through art and movement. Today, she practices and performs in Tahitian, Ballet, and also Hula. She is a creative storyteller and social leader. I am sure that her experience with Ilima provided the foundation for who she is and shows she will become and am very grateful for that.”
    - Maluhia A.


Yes, Ainalani loved your school an she learned so much! Dance, singing, alphabets, horse back riding, gymnastics, painting, aerial silks, yoga, etc. She still recites songs and shares dances that she learned from your school. Wish you were still here teaching Miss Ilima
    - Chiea & Jeff T.

"My daughter and I are so very grateful to Miss Ilima and Kauai Creative Academy School of Performing arts and academics! The Academy is a place where kids can learn and grow through both academic and the arts. It was such a blessing for my daughter to be able to dance, sing, and practice yoga, silks, and gymnastics at school! And all the while she completed her studies in math, science and reading. It meant a lot to me to know my daughter was doing movement classes and exercising at school and not simply in a chair all day with lots of required screen time. 

Thank. you so much Ilima!"

Ixhia D!

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