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Conscious Education & Aloha!

Providing Quality Education to Communities Since 1985 / (808)-482-4826

Kauai Creative Academy School of Performing Arts and Academics has been providing holistic quality education with highly trained professional teachers since 1985. Our renowned program for 1st thru 5th grade learners seeks to enhance student achievement by providing specialized instruction in project-based academics, visual and performance arts, cultural studies, deep nature, and social emotional intelligence. We combine Montessori and Waldorf curriculum to cover math and language arts. To add to this we utilized the gifted and talented language arts program through Jacobs Ladder, and Wonders work books.  We utilize the Magical Garden science curriculum, Marshall Rosenbergs conscious communication techniques, Indigenous teachings from the Wisdom Weavers counsel, and a full spectrum movement program which includes foundation skills in classical ballet, lyrical, modern, hip hop, creative movement, hula, Tahitian, jazz, aerial silks, gymnastics, yoga, and acro- yoga. Our music program offers lessons in rhythmic drumming, piano, flute, ukulele, and singing. 

Kauai Creative Academy is on a lovely campus on the North East shore of Kauai. We are within walking distance of the ocean, next to a creek, and three blocks away from a big expansive park with lovely pavilion, large trees, a playground, and basketball court.


Every day our students look forward to coming to school and often express their feelings of joyful inspiration because our offerings match their interests, which benefit all aspects of their academic experience including academic achievement and attitude!


As your precious child continues to develop in many ways, physically, creatively, socially, emotionally, in language, literacy, and thinking (cognitive) our dedicated teachers tune into what they are innately drawn towards. Once this becomes clear, we provide extensive attention and materials to enrich their individual expansion. Every day we aspire to , assist them in sprouting all that is within so they may cultivate a lifelong love of learning. 



To enable and encourage students to stay in the conscious moment and reach their full joy while

engaging in a creative and academic adventure. We provide expansive, inspiring, challenging, project

based, artistic, and contemplative lessons, with topics most interesting and applicable to their phase of




Education- To “Know Thyself” is the most wondrous and profound statement that exists in our

language. Children are miraculous as they embody an innate curriculum, and we are dedicated to

seeing the expansion of that which is innately encoded within them. When we apply this method to

teaching, perseverance becomes each students superpower.


Creativity- Imagination enables innovation. We understand that we are part of a living breathing

universe (one-song) where our thoughts become things. We are always in an act of co-creation and

provide our students opportunities to do whatever it takes to fully embody their conscious creativity.


Nurture- A nurturing holistic environment creates, health, confidence and self-esteem. Students feel

comfortable in our humble beach cabin school with a wonderful jungle forest to play in, cozy reading

space, and grassy yard to play in.


Trust- Mutual trust and trust of self, strengthens ones connection to happiness, growth, and freedom to

express. When one has strength, one can easily develop lasting courage. To have courage is to have

freedom, and having freedom opens the doors to divine sovereignty.


Health- A healthy nutrient dense diet, high frequency water hydration, plenty of rest, radiation and stress

free environment allows children to be more present and capable of learning.

Foster Fun- Fun is an important elements of our program, and we honor the language of play!


Social Responsibility- Children are the future caretakers of Earth. We take what we have learned from

the past, bring it into the now, and utilize the teaching to preserve and protect our planet for future

generations to come. We teach students to take pride in up-cycling, bartering, recycling, composting,

organic gardening, forest care, water ecology, picking up trash, and more! We show gratitude,

appreciation, and ALOHA for all that Mother Earth and Father Sky provide for all of us and all of life.




Ilima is of Hawaiian and Amer-Indian descent and raised in a tribe and surrounded by her elders. She is a renowned teacher of the children and has devoted her life to educating children through aloha, embodiment practices, circle teachings, creativity, and project based academics. She has a natural gift facilitating the development of alliances between old man academia and the new paradigm of creative wisdom seekers. She is a guardian of the culture of honoring a child's evolution through the exploration and expansion of their innate curriculum, their connection to higher consciousness and heart-centeredness.  She continues to create a transformational curriculum at the intersection of project-based academics, holistic movement, deep love of nature, art, reading, music, science and joyful wellbeing.

Ilima earned an M.F.A in dance and a B.A. in business administration. She received her teaching credentials from the state of Hawaii in 2008 and has taught at Kilauea elementary school, Chiefess Kamakahelei, and Kapaa High. Additionally, Ilima was hired by the state of Hawaii as the Kauai island child advocate, to ensure insightful educational 

plans for students in need. Supporting the ascension and evolution of children is what brings Miss Ilima the most 


Full Academic and Performing Arts School
  • 1st Grade thru 5th grade

  • Monday - Friday  9:00 am to 2:00 pm

  • Friday field trips 

  • Two 5- Month Semester Program 

After-School Movement Programs
  • Ages 5 to 14 yrs. 

  • Based on skill level 

  • Mondays (yoga/dance/silks)  3:00 pm - 5:00 pm  (Advanced)

  • Wednesdays (Hula) 2:00 to 3:00 pm 

  • Thursdays (yoga/dance/silks) 3:00 to 5:00 pm (Beginning)

  • Performance Dance Team (TBA)

After-School Eduational  Programs
* Small Group Academic Tutoring Available
* Tween Self-Empowerment Group Activities
* Oceanic Cultural Activities
Dance for a Cause!

* "Wild Child" Performance Dance Team

* "Stars"  Performance Opportunities

Summer Camps!

We offer two full months of Summer Camps!

We provide trips to the ocean!

We create exciting adventure trips to outer islands!

We offer academic tutoring camps that are fun!

Community Out Reach!

We perform at care homes for the elderly, other schools and 

community events!


First Semester:

August 2nd to December 20th

Second Semester:

January 3rd to May 25th

Open enrollment throughout the year based on availability. 
Mark your calendars and reserve your child's space now, as our offerings fill up fast!




We offer both full academics, after-school programs, weekend workshops, and Summer camps. Spaces fill up fast so contact us today to reserve your child's spot.

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