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Kauai School of Art & Academics

Grades 1st thru 5th

Open enrollment begins May 1, 2023 

School begins Wednesday August 14th, 2023


Kauai School of Arts and Academics broadens students' educational experiences by providing them with a wholistic academic curriculum, as well as a full spectrum movement, music, and dance curriculum. It consists of two 5 month semesters, with the first semester beginning August 14, 2023  and ending December 20, 2023  The second semester begins January 2, 2024 and ends May 27, 2024.  The program is from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday thru Thursday and every first and third Friday (these are dedicated to field trips and enrichment activities on campus.) We ask for a strong sense of commitment from parents to have their child complete the entire school and year and be sure to  drop off and pick up in a timely fashion.


We invite you and your child visit our campus, take a tour and meet our teachers. We may invite your child to attend a day at our school during Summer school. This is so that we can get to know your child and get an understanding of their innate curriculum, what they are passionate about, what are their cognitive and physical skills, as well as how interested they are in what we offer. Kauai School of Art and Academics gives students opportunities to expand in their natural talents, explore coursework in a variety of subjects such as Montessori math, Gifted and Talented Students Language Arts, Magical Garden Life Science, and Movement for the Whole Child. Our movement subjects include: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical,  Hip Hop, Creative and Improvisational dance. We also provide lessons in Aerial Silks, Gymnastics, Yoga, and Acro Yoga. Other aeras of studies are: Circle teachings from indigenous peoples, music and singing, painting, drawling, arts and crafts.  Our students look forward to coming to school because our offerings match their interests, which benefit all aspects of their academic experience including academic achievement and attitude. Our teaching methods are designed for age and development appropriateness and focus on the following key stages of growth: Creative, Cognitive, Social, Emotional, Auditory, Memory, Communication, Awareness Practices and Motor Skills Development. 

​Kauai School of Art and Academics is unique in that it gives students the opportunity to pursue their artistic passions at a fraction of the typical cost of a private dance studio. / (808)482-4826



After-School Dance, Gymnastics
& Aerial Silk Classes. 

Our 2 hour after-school classes focus on technique, foundation movement, expression, rhythm, self-discovery, self-confidence, flexibility, strength, and joy!  Our methods are designed for age and development appropriateness. From basic dance movements and principles to more advanced ones, we use creative techniques to keep young minds stimulated, curious, happy, and satisfied with their dance education. The program includes:  Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Classical, Hip Hop, Aerial Silks, Yoga, and Gymnastics.


Dance Attire: Please have your child arrive with their hair pulled back, pink leotard with spaghetti straps, black dance shorts, pink convertible tights, and pink Capizzio ballet shoes. Also have black stretch pants for aerial silks, and a water bottle. / (808)482-4826


​Summer Camps June & July 2024

Limited Space - Enroll Today!


Our goal is to mix gymnastics training, creative dance, dance technique, aerial silks, acro yoga, hula hooping, theatrics, and outdoor adventures into each fun-filled week of Summer camp! We provide super awesome arts and crafts, play lots of fun games, provide challenging obstacle courses, and get them playing in the water!


Please contact Miss Ilima for more information and to register. / (808)482-4826

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